So I've been waiting around to see if anyone was gonna make a CAS fix for all the random Sweet Treats clothing that will pollute your existing and/or newly created neighborhoods. Apparently, some people want to see Townies with cherry titties?! Well, I finally installed Sweet Treats and while I do like most of the clothing FOR THE SINGER CAREER, I don't need Townies looking anymore ridiculous than I choose for them to look.

Basically, all clothes are Career; only 2 tee shirts are available for Everyday/Sleepwear/Athletic; no randoms, meaning none of these clothes should pop up on NPC's. I can't fully test this but I've looked in CAS and S3PE and all is well. And lastly, the 3 fairly non-Sweet Treat looking dresses have been set to Formal in addition to Career so, you get a few more options. The tiny shorts stay as Career; sorry, your town whores are gonna have to find something else to wear.

Also, the hairstyles that come with this SP haven't been changed except, they were also removed from randomly generated Sims.



I love makeovers. Who doesn't? Here's another one, this time I used a home that was pre-made in the Los Aniegos neighborhood by Coasterboi (thread); by far, one of the best worlds you could ever have your Sims inhabit. It's also updated for all expansions and has no CC. Win win win all over it.

If you're familiar with Los Aniegos, I started playing the Bonita family (Esmeralda and her daughter) that were living off $3000 or so dollars. After a successful Writer career, farm, horse ranch, and Science career for her daughter, the ladies were raking in dough faster than I could build more house. Unfortunately, I'm at that point in my Simming where there is no way I could ever spend all of the money they earned over the course of just two generations. I really wish there were random events where Sims could lose all their assets.

ANYHOW, pictures...right? The following photobucket slide show has tons of photos of their new home and its changes...and I even remembered to make sure the photo folder needs to be set to public view. Or did I?

CLICK HERE [60 photos].
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DOWNLOAD: Nick Hanson

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Traits: Adventurous / Brave / Athletic / Dog Person / Heavy Sleeper
Loves: Macaroni & Cheese + Hip Hop. Favorite color is Black.

Hair: Kitty Klan Don't Call It A Comb-Back
Eyebrows: TSR Flinn Thick Eyebrows for Males
Facial Hair: Kitty Klan Default Replacements (I think it's the Stubble only one) + Ritsukacom Nymphy Johnny Facial Hair (no longer available...? Ritsuka is on hiatus so I cannot inquire)
Skin: Ephemera E-Skin NV1

Everyday: Cardigan (part of an EA Store set but cannot be purchased separately. Fuck you, EA) / Shoes
Athletic: Footbal Jersey (Dr. Pepper promo) / Shorts / Shoes (T-Mobile promo)
Swimwear: Pattern from TSR Apple Orla Keily #3

If anything isn't listed, it's because it came with base game. Drop this file in your C:\Users\-YOURNAMEHERE-\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims


DOWNLOAD: Cynthia Gonzales

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Traits: Lucky / Easily Impressed / Mooch / Handy / Good Sense of Humor.
Loves: Hamburgers + R&B music. Favorite color is Red.

Hair: "Everyday" from Showtime EP, "Sleepwear" from Pets EP, "Formal" from Anubis at ModTheSims
Fingernails: GOS + Aikea Guinea Gift 
Eyebrows: Evie 7 through 16 (Recolorable; I don't know which ones but they're all amazing)
Lipstick: Fruit Store Lemon Leaf Candy Doll Lipgloss
Eyeshadow: TSR PralineSims Smooth Multicolor Eyeshadow 3.0

Everyday: Jeans / Shoes / Tights (worn under the Jeans)
Athletic: Pants from Pets EP
Formal: Dress from Town Life SP, Boots from Showtime EP
Swimwear: Pattern (also used on hair on Athletic outfit)

If anything isn't listed, it's because it came from base game. Drop this file in your C:\Users\-YOURNAMEHERE-\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims


EA MAKEOVER: Appaloosa Plains House

I took these screenshots a while ago when testing out Pets after its initial install, and adding back my repaired and updated CC. I actually wanted to upload this house but I absent-mindedly moved my Sims to a better house in the neighborhood so I could experience some of Generations features; all the furniture was sold. In case you're wondering, this was the Schmidt household (Benjamin and Ralston).

For this photo series, I'm using PhotoBucket' slideshow feature so to view the photos CLICK HERE [27 photos].

EDIT: The slideshow was set to private. It isn't anymore. Again, I'm a goof.


So I was looking through ageiha (Lotus) journal and saw this asylum challenge. Never done one before (or any challenge for that matter). And I'm all about trying new things, especially because I get bored of TS3 easily. I keep seeing the same challenge all over so I'll source here, here and here for the full rules list. Pretty steep, I might add. Just one toilet for 8 Sims, huh? Yikes. Also, posted by mickey_sims, all Sims should have the Hates The Outdoors, Insane and Absent-Minded traits. That alone helped out with getting some great facial expressions and petty squabbles. This is an introduction and tour of the facility.

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I used to have my WIP's in the sidebar, but with my new non-scrolling layout sidebar, I can't. So I'll keep everything here.

CONVERSIONS: My Mashup Walls [PROBLEM: They're acting like replacements...?]

WALLS: Dejvicka Metro Station Wall [PROBLEM: Nothing really. Just can't find a reason to release it as a single file].
PAINTINGS: Fine Art Paintins [PROBLEM: Can't remember where I found the art; can't find a good singular mesh].
WALLS: Kirath Ghundoo Walls [PROBLEM: These might be something only I would like/not worth releasing].
PAINTINGS: Type Inspired Wall Art [PROBLEM: Too many different sizes; some are too low quality].
PATTERNS: Untitled Set/Black and White [PROBLEM: They don't really work as a set and I don't want/like to release single items anymore].

PATTERN: Untitled [PROBLEM: Can't think of a name].

PHOTO SERIES: Before/After.
CAS CREATIONS: Sims for download.



Couple things: 1) This has been a WIP in my Sims projects folder for ages, 2) I feel like as soon as I post this someone will say "Oh, so-and-so already converted that a long time ago", 3) I really searched hard to find these for TS3 and only found expansions of the TS2 single wall and 4) this might be the one decorative item that I miss most from TS2.

With all that rambling, here you go. BUT, here's some, couple things: 5) Don't drag the color slider to absolute Black (the texture will pretty much disappear), 6) Don't drag the color slider to absolute White (the walls will be eye bleedingly too bright), and 7) I would suggest using the pre-made swatches in CAS for your color selections.

In the Wall-Tile catalog.
Costs 8 bucks.
Re-colorable, of course.
Package format.

[DOWNLOAD] Hipster Mosaic Walls.
[DOWNLOAD] Hipster Mosaic Floors.

Color palette:
[BLACK 413F3E]
[PURPLE 613A90]

EDIT: I'm dumb...why didn't I make floors? I DUNNO. Anyway. Floors added. Wish I could track down the 8 people who already downloaded. Poop.


Mkay so, I didn't really pay too much attention when I got like, 10 different emails from Livejournal saying that my account was about to expire from Paid status. I also, really, didn't understand the repercussions of letting that happen.

All mah peekchuz iz gone :(

And this place needs a real clean up. Even though I don't know why: no one comes here. But just for my own peace of mind, I will clean this place up.

Jesus. I picked a fine time to start Simming again. Oh yeah, I haven't played the game for months now. And it was un-installed for half that time while I did another full play-through of Fallout: New Vegas, played part of Half Life 2: Episode 1 and started Hydrophobia Prophecy. And now: SKYRIM. And also, the Pets patch isn't making things easy to get started again.

Sigh. I'm complaining. I'm sorry.

EDIT 1 - Surprising how many photos were lost.

EDIT 2 - Deleted a bunch of entries. Stuff moved to PhotoBuckette.

EDIT 3 - New layout.